Miracle 139 Training Options

Equipping Effective Special Needs Ministry

Perfect for churches/organizations wanting to provide additional training, encouragement and motivation for their team, the full day training allows you to select two topics of your choice from the Special Needs Ministry Training Topics.  One training will be presented in the morning and the second training in the afternoon. A time of Q&A will be included to ensure specificity for your team.

Looking for ways to grow, expand or improve your special needs ministry? Following an observation, our specialists will provide feedback and recommendations on factors that make a tremendous difference in the efficacy of your ministry, including environmental design, behavior management, administration and teaching strategies.  After the morning consultation, a training of your choice from the Special Needs Ministry Training Topics will be provided for your staff and/volunteers.

The Weekend Start-Up provides a special needs ministry intensive for churches or organizations in the process of, or who recently started up a new ministry. In two days, you and your team will feel excited and better equipped to begin the amazing adventure of special needs ministry! Contact us for the detailed weekend schedule!

The Weekend Boost is the perfect training option for churches/ organizations with established special needs ministries that want to keep their staff and volunteers equipped and their ministries thriving. This training option provides both consultation and feedback, as well as your choice of training topics. Contact us for a sample weekend schedule.


Volunteers will explore basic characteristics and strategies for engaging with a variety of disabilities including: 
Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, William’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD), Emotional Disorders, Intellectual Disability.

Learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorder, including: current prevalence rates and what they mena, diagnostic information, characteristics of ASD, overview of current best practices in the field of autism.

Your special needs ministry team will learn the key components of facilitating engagement and learning in both the specialized environment and inclusion setting, including: redirection,     
prompting do’s and don’ts, encouraging independence, facilitating social interaction, must-have movement strategies.

Quite possibly the key to having a safe and successful special needs ministry. Learn the importance of understanding behavior and how to develop effective, individualized behavior plans. This training covers: the ABC’s of behavior, developing a plan, reinforcement vs. punishment, and must-have behavior management strategies.

Noticing a lack of engaged learners? Learn how setting up a Great Special Needs Environment impacts: attention and engagement, learning, transitions, behavior, social interaction.

Learn tools for Curriculum Adaptation that will work in both the specialized classroom as well as in the inclusion environment. Adaptations for a variety of learners will be covered, including: children with physical impairment, low-incidence disabilities, non-verbal learners, those with sensory processing disorder.

This hands-on training provides volunteers with strategies that will enable them to Teach Unique Learners. Learn about the three main learning modalities and how to incorporate all of them into your lessons: auditory learners, visual learners, kinesthetic learners.

This training is designed specifically for Safety/Security and/or Hospitality/Guest Services teams. Often volunteers in these areas are the first to meet and greet families with children with special needs. They are also the first-responders in case of an emergency. This training will equip these teams to have more effective interactions with persons with special needs and their families.